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My qualifications, experience and approaches to therapy
for children aged 4-16 with autism and language disorders.
I qualified from Birmingham City University with a First Class Honours Degree (BSc Hons.) in Speech and Language Therapy in July 2010.

Professional registrations
I am registered with, and regulated by, the Health and Care Professions Council. You can check my record on the HCPC web site by clicking here.
I am a full member of the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists, who define the professional standards I follow. They also provide professional and medical liability insurance. You can check my RCSLT membership by clicking here.

Approaches to intervention
I am experienced in a range of assessment and therapy approaches, meaning I can work flexibly to provide the right intervention for your family. For information about the costs of these services and to estimate the full price of a package of care, please see Services and Prices.
I use a wide range of assessments in order to get a full picture of the needs of your child and family. These assessments include:
  • A thorough case history taken from parents and carers.
  • Formal assessments which measure language and communication skills. These assessments consist of tests which provide scores and age-norms. The scores can be used to identify whether your child's skills are age appropriate.
  • Informal assessments, which usually consist of games and activities carried out with the child. These activities are specifically designed to test particular skills. They do not provide scores or age norms, but often reveal information which formal assessments are not sensitive enough to test.
  • Observation in a range of settings, including home, nursery, school and the community.
  • Discussion with professionals who are involved with the child, including teachers, nursery staff and medical professionals.
I offer a wide range of therapy types. Please select the type of difficulty your child is experiencing to see the therapy types I offer.

Non-verbal children
Verbal children with language difficulties
Children for whom social interaction is the main area of difficulty