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TalkBoard turns your iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch into a communication aid and visual prompt board. TalkBoard is great for teachers, Speech Therapists and parents of children and adults with:

Language/communication difficulties
Learning difficulties
Physical disabilities such as Cerebral Palsy

TalkBoard is available in the App Store now for £11.99, or the equivalent in your local currency.

Tutorial videos showing the features of TalkBoard are available here.

TalkBoard features

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Record sounds on supported devices
Recorded sounds can be played back by tapping on the cell, or using switch scanning with appropriate hardware.

iPod Touch 1st generation not supported as it does not include a built-in speaker. iPod Touch 2nd and 3rd generations are supported but will require an external microphone. iPod Touch 4th generation is fully supported. Please ensure the version of your device will meet your needs before purchasing.

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Sentence strip
Enabling the sentence strip option will add the sentence strip to the top of all boards. Cells which have sounds recorded will be added to the sentence when tapped, and when the Talk button is tapped, the whole sentence will be spoken.

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Hardware switch support
TalkBoard supports sequential/row-column and automatic/manual scanning, using RJ Cooper's bluetooth switch interface. It also support mono and stereo auditory scanning.

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Full access to your Photo Library
TalkBoard can use any image, photo or symbol you want in your boards, including photos stored in your Camera Roll. Adding images is quick and easy.

TalkBoard is affordable because it does not come with built-in pictures or symbols, which many other apps charge extra for. You can easily use your own pictures and symbols to personalise the app to you, your children and your clients, without paying extra for symbols which you may never use! The screenshots on this page use symbols for demonstration purposes which are not included with the app.

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Backup and restore boards
Backed-up boards can be copied to your PC or Mac using iTunes. They can then be copied to other devices so you can share your boards.

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Visual timers
Give users a visual indication of the duration of an activity directly on your boards. TalkBoard will allow a sound to be recorded and optionally played back when the timer has finished. Timers can also trigger other timers when they finish, allowing sequences of activities to be displayed to the user.

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Share boards over Bluetooth
Boards can be copied between devices running TalkBoard and PicBoard wirelessly over Bluetooth.

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Print and export
Print directly from TalkBoard to AirPrint enabled printers. Alternatively, export your boards to PDF files then copy to your PC or Mac using iTunes to print to any printer.
Support for Boardmaker images
Boardmaker images are protected so they can't be used directly in TalkBoard. The free PicCutter tool is provided to help you to use Boardmaker images in TalkBoard.

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